RED HAZE  Wristband
RED HAZE  Wristband
RED HAZE  Wristband

RED HAZE Wristband

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AFFIRMATION - 'I control my anger by expressing myself
in a firm yet positive manner'
The hint of red means anger, fustration or even strong passion
but the gray stands for balance, neutrality and calming

"The consistent repetition of daily positive affirmations helps to reshape your beliefs and assumptions about yourself and the world around you. This reshaping gives you a more positive perception of who you are and where you stand"

"According to the Law of Attraction, what you think and feel shapes your reality. The power of affirmations lies in their ability to transform your external world by first changing your internal one."

Handmade Simple Casual Unisex Wristbands can be worn by Men, Women and children
Variety of patterns and colors, customized to represent your style or organization colors.
Stretchy, adjustable bracelets
All wristbands are made to order with precise, quality skill
Available in two sizes (small/Med), (Med/Lrg)

Rubber Cording
Acrylic beads
Color: charcoal gray with red stitching
Hardware : black metal sliders