About Us

I'm Sierra owner of Jurnees Path Craft N Company. I started this company in 2009 one year after my daughter Jurnee (journey) was born, with support from my husband and family I decided to step out on faith and turn my hobby into a business. We create and feature fun unique collections of trendy jewelry, accessories, apparel and handmade home decor items. I would call it the "One Stop Shop".  I'm an artist, I'm all over the place, I jump from one project to the next and I am a very random crafter..lol (just being honest :) I am always intrigued to try different materials and techniques. So therefore I never put my shop in a specific box or category. This shop is a melting pot of creativity. All the products that we sell are used by this team and are guranteed quality assured.

 Since I was a child I always have been creative and artistic, I never could draw well, but I always loved cutting and pasting things together, sewing and stitching clothing by hand because I did not have a sewing machine. Crafting is my meditation, peace and happy place. My daughter has always been my inspiration for starting this adventure. She has definitely inherited the crafting gene from mom & dad. I named this company after her so she will always have something she can call her own.